The Moultrie Orchestra offers program based instruction for the string family (violin, viola, cello, and bass).  Typically students begin their music journey in the 6th grade (little or no experience required)!  Students continue to the 7th and 8th grade to progress his or her stringed-instrument skills.

In the Moultrie Orchestra, you can find your own community within your middle school.  These are the kids that we see hanging out in the hallways, eating lunch together, and most importantly making awesome music together!

We perform concerts in the Fall, Winter, Spring, and participate in adjudicated events.  

6th Graders get to attend Carowinds while 7th & 8th Grade get to go to Orlando.

Be a part of a group full of friendship, music, and fun!

Check out this website to find the information you need about the Moultrie Orchestra!

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