Moultrie Middle School Handbook for
      Parents & Students!​

Moultrie Middle Orchestra Handbook 2019-2020

Welcome to the 2019-2020 Orchestra Season! The orchestra
​policies and requirements are given in detail throughout the
​handbook. Please plan to attend the orchestra parent meeting on
​Thursday, August 29th in the orchestra room at 6:30pm. 

Student & Parent Responsibility Checklist due on Sept. 6

1. Email Ms. Martin ( if you
​have a new email address or are not currently receiving emails. 

2. Students & Parents sign up for REMIND texts. (different code for each grade level)
Enter this number: 81010
6th Grade text this message: @orchmms6
7th Grade text this message: @orchmms7
8th Grade text this message: @orchmms8

3. All students should sign up for their google classroom by going to and entering
the following class codes:

6th Orchestra Period 2- x71u7h1
6th Orchestra Period 6- c42zwh3

7th Orchestra Period 4- jo0q8zn
7th Orchestra Period 5- a9sjxt

8th Orchestra Period 7- bc3zqri
8th Orchestra Period 8- yi1fe9

4. Return the signed handbook contract form AND prior commitment form to Ms. Martin by Sept. 6

5. Pay the orchestra fee of $110.00 via check to MOB (Moultrie Orchestra Boosters)
or pay by debit/credit card when you receive the invoice by email.
For cello/bass students –school instrument rental fee is an additional $60.00.
(If you plan to bring your own cello/bass to use at school, you do not need to pay the $60)
All Payments for orchestra should be to Moultrie Orchestra Boosters.

6. Transfer important dates from the orchestra calendar to your personal calendar. Notify Ms. Martin of any conflicts with required rehearsals/performances using the prior commitment form in this packet.

7. Plan to order your child’s formal attire by October 1 so that they are ready for the December concerts when they are required to wear the formal attire. I will send out reminders.

Formal Attire
Parents—PLEASE ORDER YOUR CHILDS FORMAL ATTIRE now. We are not measuring children at school and we are not doing a group order. (Dress shoes are not ordered. Ladies need to wear all black dress shoes and gentlemen need to wear tall black dress socks and black dress shoes.)
Please order from Southeastern Apparel:

Ladies- Black Corelli Dress, black dress shoes

Gentlemen- Vest Ensemble with tuxedo pants & bow tie
1. poplin vest
2. wing collar tuxedo shirt
3. flat front tuxedo pants
4. satin, black bow tie

Informal Concert Attire
Orchestra T-shirt (heather denim color) and khaki pants, jeans or shorts and appropriate shoes
Details will be given for each event.

Moultrie Middle School Orchestra Purpose
I am excited about working with each of you to produce beautiful sounds! The purpose of the orchestra program is for students to learn excellence and character through music. Playing in the orchestra will develop a mental discipline that will aid students in achieving success in other fields too.

Moultrie Orchestra Website

Orchestra is a team effort. To reach an acceptable level of performance, each person must make a commitment to the group. Each student is required to attend special rehearsals and concerts. If you must be absent, please contact Ms. Martin as soon as you know of the conflict! (Emergencies excused) A list of important dates is attached. Please mark them on your calendars.

Background Information
Who is Ms. Martin? I am a product of Lexington One Schools in Lexington, SC and am excited about my 26th year of teaching! As I begin my 7th year at Moultrie, I look forward to the continued growth and standard of excellence in our orchestra program. I graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor’s of Science in Music Education and earned a Master’s Degree in Education with an emphasis in Creative Arts from Lesley University in Boston, Massachusetts. I love playing the violin, viola and teaching children to make music. In addition to my passion for music, you will find me enjoying the great outdoors, splashing at the ocean, lake or pool and being with family and friends.

The best way to reach me is by email. ( In addition, please sign up for REMIND, google classroom and use our website:

Extra Help
I will be available on most Tuesday afternoons for extra help from 3:30-4:00pm. Also, I am always happy to arrange a time with you before school if this time does not work. Communicate and we will work it out!

Make-up Work
Again, Tuesday afternoon is the allocated time for make-up work. If you have a conflict, talk to me and we can work it out during lunch, before school or another afternoon.

Orchestra Fees
Each orchestra student is assessed a dollar amount determined by the budgeted needs of the orchestra for that year. This fee covers additional costs not covered by the school district. The fee is outlined below.

The orchestra fee is $110.
Please make all checks payable to MOB. (Moultrie Orchestra Boosters)
You may also pay by debit/credit card when invoiced.

The Orchestra Fee includes the following:

✓ The purchase of music, method books, theory books & educational materials
✓ Professional membership fees for students to participate in SCMEA events
✓ T-shirt (Moultrie Orchestra)
✓ State Performance Assessment Fee (formerly called Concert Festival)
✓ 3 ring binder for music, handouts, etc.
✓ bus transportation for local field trips and performances
✓ clinicians, piano accompanists, coaches for sectionals, guest artists
✓ classroom instrument supplies…rosin, strings, tuners, etc.

The Orchestra Fee does NOT include the following:

✓ Instrument rental for home or school
✓ Trip Participation (Zoo, Carowinds, Orlando, etc)
✓ Formal Concert Attire

Financial Assistance
A financial assistance form and packet is available on our website. No member will be denied the opportunities of our organization due to financial difficulties. Also, everyone is given the opportunity to fundraise to help pay their orchestra fees and/or trips. Anyone wishing to donate to help less fortunate families are welcome to do so. Please donate to MOB.
Because we have a limited budget, fundraising is critical to our success.
We will fundraise for the following reasons

✓ To offset per-student costs not covered by the Orchestra Fee (charter bus, performance venue fees)
✓ To help families raise funds to pay for Formal Attire, School Use Rentals, Fee and Trips
✓ To provide funds to purchase instruments, and maintenance of instruments and supplies
Planned Fundraisers
Moultrie Orchestra has a few planned fundraisers. You will receive information about each.

✓ For each dollar sold, a percentage of that dollar will be created to a student “account”. This credit balance may be used to pay for orchestra fees and extra trips. (FEES must be paid first)
✓ Balances DO NOT carry over to the next year, so plan accordingly.

Grading Procedures
1. Rehearsal Technique (40% of grade)
Students will be graded on the following criteria:
* Practice records and/or performance slips turned in via google classroom
*Maintaining Orchestra Binder (sheet music, scales, notes from class, bellringers)
All students will receive a 3-ring black binder and should bring it every day.
*Effort and rehearsal technique (marking music with pencil, stopping and starting with conductor, placing bow at cue, etc.) All rehearsal techniques are measurable responsibilities of each player. Rehearsal rubrics will be done in class and through google classroom.

2 . Performance Assessments (60% of grade)
Students will play individually and as a group for assessment. Some assessments may be recorded individually and sent through google classroom and some will be played in the classroom setting. Concerts are graded as well. Attendance at concerts is mandatory and is graded.
* Required rehearsals are a grade in the performance category. Students receive a 100 for participation. Students will receive a 75 if they are late, and will receive a failing grade if they do not come at all.

Materials-needed for each class:
✓ Instrument
✓ 3 ring black binder
✓ rosin, digital tuner, and PENCIL
✓ Kun shoulder rest—Violin and Viola (All upper string players MUST use a shoulder rest)
✓ End pin belt or rock stop—Cello and Bass
✓ Set of extra strings --
Suggest Thomastik “Dominant”, Prim, D’Addario, Prelude)– avoid super-sensitive strings

Class Rules
Good behavior is expected at all times. It is also mandatory if we are going to improve our playing skills individually or as a group. All Moultrie school rules apply!
In addition:

1. Touch only your own instrument
2. Be quiet during the tuning process (you should be listening and tuning to your pitch)
3. Respect everyone and all music equipment always
4. Let yourself and others listen, work and learn.

Performance/Field Trips
We will have some performances and field trips away from the Moultrie campus. We will offer fundraisers to help supplement the cost of these additional trips. Students will only be allowed to go off campus representing the orchestra IF they have exhibited exemplary behavior for the entire school year. Any discipline issues in ANY Moultrie Middle School class or activity will prevent the student from going on the field trip. Please read the last sentence again. In addition, if students are not performing up to the high expectations of the Moultrie Orchestra, that student will not be allowed to represent Moultrie off campus.

Attendance and Tardies
The only excusable absences are pre-arranged school conflicts and those that would be excused by the school for regular attendance records; i.e. illness, death in the family, religious holiday.
Individual needs - will be addressed as they occur; this system is subject to modification by the director.
For all absences, the student and parent must follow the following procedure:

1. Director must be notified in advance.
2. For illness, a parent note or doctor’s excuse must be submitted.
3. Students are expected to be at extra rehearsals as they arise. I understand that conflicts will happen, however, if students are late to scheduled rehearsals, they will sit in the back of the section as not to interrupt the rehearsal. Tardies may result in that student losing their chair or being removed from a particular ensemble.

Make-Up for Absence of rehearsals and concerts
There is not a way to make up an absence from a required rehearsal or concert. Students can practice their part, but the ensemble skills missed can’t be made up by practicing alone. Students with excused prior commitments or emergencies will be allowed to replace their zero by submitting a recording of all the music played within 1 week after the event missed.
Purchasing an Instrument Please be aware that some discount stores and Internet sites are selling instruments that do not meet the MENC (Music Educators National Conference) requirements for a quality instrument. (Correct distance from strings to fingerboard, correct fitting for tuning pegs, bridge angle, etc.) Please contact Ms. Martin before buying an instrument if you would like assistance. Student success is directly correlated with the quality and correct size of their instrument.

Overview of Curriculum
The orchestra curriculum is in accordance with the South Carolina Standards and National Instrumental Music Standards.

Extra -Curricular Ensembles and Opportunities
District Orchestra
Charleston County provides an opportunity for String Students with at least one year of experience (5th grade counts as one year). Students may audition for the orchestras during the Fall and Spring Seasons. District orchestras meet on Monday nights and end each season with a performance. Details will be shared.

Moultrie Chamber Orchestra
Moultrie Chamber Orchestra is a select group of Moultrie Orchestra students who are ready for a higher level of performance. The Chamber Orchestra rehearses once a week before school and performs throughout the year. Auditions are open to any 6th, 7th, or 8th grade students and will occur at the beginning of school. Students should be prepared to play a required solo given at the start of school or the SC Region Orchestra audition excerpts. Attendance at all rehearsals and performances is mandatory. More than one unexcused absence may result in removal from the orchestra. Rehearsals will be Wednesday mornings from 7:15am-8:15am.

All-State and Low Country Region Orchestra
Students prepare a specific audition for Region and All -State Orchestras. The audition music and requirements are typically published in the Spring. The Region Audition occurs in October and the All-State Audition occurs in January. Selection to either Region or All State is an honor. Audition music and requirements can be found at: Students will receive extra credit for auditioning and participating in these highly competitive events.

Private Lessons
Private lessons, when taken regularly and with consistent and purposeful practice on assigned material, are definitely an aid to improving musicianship. They are strongly recommended on this basis. Private instruction is not mandatory, but recommended. A private teacher list will be provided for you and I do have teachers already scheduled to teach after school on the Moultrie campus. Please let me know if you are interested!

Awards Celebration
Each 9 weeks and at the end of the year, orchestra members will receive awards (certificates, trophies, medals) for outstanding participation, improvement, and performance.

Awards will be given using the following criteria:
✓ Outstanding Improvement
✓ Outstanding Performance
✓ Outstanding Service (music organizers, set-up & break-down etc.)
✓ Chamber Orchestra Member
✓ Low Country Region
✓ All-State Orchestra
✓ CCSD District Orchestras
✓ CSO Youth Orchestra
✓ Solo & Ensemble Participant

Moultrie Director’s Award—name on perpetual plaque
❖ no unexcused absences
❖ A average
❖ Participate in at least 2 of the following: Moultrie Chamber, Low Country Region, All-State, CCSD Orchestra, private lessons, Solo & Ensemble,
❖ Demonstrate leadership, positive attitude, role model for entire orchestra

Please return the forms signed by a parent AND the student by Sept. 6th.

• Handbook Review & Acceptance Form
• Prior Commitment Form
• Parent Volunteer Form

Moultrie Orchestra Handbook Review and Acceptance Form
Sign and return to Ms. Martin once you have read the handbook and calendar dates.

By signing below, I confirm that:
*I have read and understand the policies stated in the Orchestra Handbook.
*I agree to follow the class rules, procedures and expectations.
*I have signed up for google classroom and Remind.
*I have the 2019-2020 orchestra calendar and am responsible for my attendance
at events that occur before & after school.
*I understand the financial obligation to the orchestra program.

Print Student Name__________________________ Grade_____ Class Period_________
Student Signature_______________________________________Date______________
Print Parent Name_____________________________________________

Parent Signature______________________________________________ Date________________

Please carefully print correct parent email addresses for communication and information:


Please indicate your child’s T-shirt size:

_____Youth Large

_____Adult Small _____Adult Medium _____Adult Large _____Adult XL _____Adult XXL

_____Adult XXXL

(This form is front and back…thank you!)

Moultrie Orchestra Prior Commitment Form

If the student has a conflict that was planned before the required rehearsal or concert is announced,
the parent must communicate this conflict in writing to the director. Established religious holidays are excused but should be communicated by the parent using this form. Multiple conflicts will not be excused.

Please complete this form and return it by September 6, 2019. If an event is added to the calendar later in the year (this will probably happen especially with rehearsals), parents will be given 5 days to notify the director.
(email is fine)

Student Name_________________________________________ Today’s Date___________________

__________Parents initial here if the student has NO prior commitments that conflict with the dates on this
year’s orchestra calendar.

Prior Commitment: If the students has a prior commitment, please use the spaces below to describe the date,
time and Moultrie orchestra event that the student can’t attend, and also the reason for the conflict.
(wedding, school events, be specific; mock trial, etc.)


If this event is excused, the student may be required to submit a recording before the date of the missed event.
Students must record themselves performing all of the music from that event.

Student Signature____________________________________________ Date_________

Parent Signature______________________________________________Date_________

Moultrie Orchestra Volunteer Form
We need YOU! Please consider helping the orchestra with your gift of time and talents!
Please check any and many of the items below that you are willing to help!

_____General Assistance including: copying, organizing, filing, data entry, etc.

What time is best for you? Before, During, or after school? 11:30 each Tuesday for an hour, etc. Any amount of time is appreciated!

_____Public Relations: create press release to be put on our website, newspapers, etc.
(Must come to me, then our school representative sends to Moultrie news, etc.)

_____ Fall Fundraising Coordinator (tally orders, coordinate with supplier, organize pick-up)

_____Winter fundraiser (help with poinsettia sale)

_____Uniforms (measure students during class who are unable to order their own from the website)
clean out current inventory and organize

_____ T-shirt/Hoodie organization (coordinate distribution and labeling of names on shirts)

_____Transportation of large instruments or equipment for local events

_____Stage setup/breakdown after concerts

_____Chaperone field trips

_____Concert receptions, social events, end of year beach party,
organize food, decorations, etc.

Parents Name___________________________________________

Childs Name____________________________________________

Parent Contact Number___________________________________

Parent Email___________________________________________